Say-Hello-To-Your-Luck-1024x400 Are you lucky enough ? Life

Are you lucky enough ?

Are you lucky enough?

Want to make yourself lucky?

Many unsuccessful people complaint that they don’t have, “good luck” and that’s why they are unsuccessful in life. But, is it the right answer? Is it all hidden in stars and planets? Let’s try to find our excuse of giving up and complaining. Let's figure out are you lucky enough?

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There are Four Types of Luck 

  • Random Good Luck This is a type of good luck on which we have no control, like winning a lottery or finding a box full of precious stones. It needs zero or almost nil efforts. Simple to understand, isn't it? 🙂 


  • Random Bad Luck - Same as like a random good luck, we don’t have a control on random bad luck as well. Alas, we don’t have any choice in this too. It could be as bad as a sudden accident, some mishap, caught down by some disease or so on… list could be long.
  • Opportunity Luck - This luck is like a long-term investment. But, here in place of money you are investing some daily good habits. It is same as of growing a tree, first you prepare the land, sow the seed & nurture it. After a span of time the tree bears fruit and benefits you in many other ways. The seeds of the successful people are their good habits.
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Successful people follow ‘Opportunity Luck Technique’ in life. They do only necessary things which will light up their life. They invest time in learning instead of wasting time on unnecessary and useless stuffs which do not serve them or society. For example, they do not waste time in back biting about others, instead learn good things from each other (ignoring the bad things of a person), which in long term helps them to maintain a good and moderate relationship with people. Well this is just one example!

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  • Detrimental luck – It is the most common luck which is inherited by 95% of the total world’s population. It is exactly opposite of ‘Opportunity Luck”. Like the successful people, unsuccessful people also sow seeds, but of bad habits. They also take time and bears some unhealthy fruits for life. A bad habit could be anything ranging from a bad food habit to an idea of killing someone. What are the results, I think we all know very well? But yes, there is something good in it too, at least we will get something to blame on!


So, at last we should decide that where we should stand. “Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint”, so work for the longer run.

As You Sow So Shall You Reap!

Information source: - Rich Habits (Book) by Thomas C. Corley.


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