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Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend – Dost se zayada, Girlfriend se kam


Mr Jha, why do you want to study in St. Stephens College?

“Sir, myself coming from village area, I feeling ki … I feeling ki …… ummm  sir hum hindi me uttar dena chiyaenage … agr hum angrezi me bolte rahe to sanjh ho jyega uttar dete dete…”

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The story revolves around a boy who came from a rural area of India, who is even not able to introduce himself in English.  Madhav Jha, a guy from Bihar, who was able to make his place in Delhi’s top college because of his sports quota, fell in love with a glamorous city girl- Riya Somani.



The movie is based on a best-selling novel, ‘Half Girlfriend’.  Novel is written by Chetan Bhagat, who is also the author of 3 Idiots & 2 States.  I think once again, we can expect a good story from this upcoming movie, with some entertainment and some learning about some chapters of life. 





Story line 

Riya and Madhav both were like north and south, right opposite to each other. Riya came from a well settled family. And as we can expect Madhav came from a poor family of Bihar.  Madhav and Riya became close friend due to one of their common interest that was Basketball. Madhav likes Riya and was willing to make Riya his girlfriend. 

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“I cannot be your girlfriend, but I can be your Half Girlfriend”, said Riya. What else Madhav could do? Well, this is what most of the boys get!  He remained her half- boyfriend. Love and friendship blossomed, but not for very long.


There came a time when Riya ask him to leave and not to be in touch anymore. Both of them have to take different journeys now in their respective lives. Riya marries a rich businessmen and settled down in America. Whereas, Madhav return back to his native place to help his mother in her work.


Time passed, tables turned. Life bought them in front of each other once again but in a different phase now.  Let’s find out what was written in their destiny. Will Riya give some place to Madhav now in her life or again leave him in the middle of no-where?


Starring: –  Shraddha Kapoor & Arjun Kapoor as Riya and Madhav.





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