NO-1 if you die and God ask, ”So how was heaven?” Life

if you die and God ask, ”So how was heaven?”

What if you die and God ask, “So how was heaven?”


I read this quote and form the very same moment, it got stuck in my mind. What if I die and God ask me, “So how was heaven?”

Hope for Heaven

Most of us live in a hope that we will go to heaven and spend our entire life with an ease. We hope that things will be better there and we will live a peaceful life 🙂



But what about this life?

It is unclear that where we will go after death? But, what about this life? If our place is heaven, then why we are here? Definitely, God gave us this life for a reason. To do wars, kill people, make nuclear weapons to destruct this world… definitely not!


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Do you deserve to enter in Heaven?

As I mentioned I don’t know clearly, but if there is heaven than do you deserve to enter there? This  is a question one should not ask from some other person instead one should ask himself or herself. If you’ll stand at those big doors then it will be yours and only yours book of life will be shown to you, with all your good and bad chapters of your entire life. So it is better to be selfish here and focus on yourself to at least make yourself better.




How you are preparing yourself for Heaven?

By being jealous, thinking bad about others, by being selfish and so on. Yes these are the things which we practice daily. We can analyze our-self and figure out where we stand. If these deeds would be summed up then without any second thought I would say we are turning the direction of our life towards hell. So where is peace? Why it is so hard to do little things which can improve our lives? We talk about good life, we talk about heaven, but are we preparing for it?




What if it is just a false hope?

I am not against God, but what if heaven is just a fictitious space. What if, we have to sum up everything here only in this life? May be this earth is given to us to make it as beautiful as heaven.

“Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven, love comes first
We’ll make heaven a place on earth”

lyrics by: – Belinda Carlisle


Heaven or Hell, it all depends on us. Don’t wait for God to do all efforts instead do your bit to make life better or to make life as heaven. Journey would not be easy, as worthy things don’t come easily. Do your efforts, keep your faith, believe in him, guide your life accordingly and he is fair enough to pour his grace upon us and gift us that eternal life. 


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